Black Sweater, White Cat finds cool music

I have to admit, that I’m not entirely immune to flattery. So when a rather tongue-in-cheek remix of mine was featured on a blog external to ccMixter, I just had to find out who was crazy enough to do that. It turns out, that I’m now deeply humbled by what I found:

Black Sweater, White Cat by Biotic is “the home of the One-a-Day Project. BSWC puts a focus on Creative Commons or copyleft music from around the internet and the world. Playlists, podcast feed, links, topical posts, random thoughts.”

There’s a great playlist, which you can also easily incorporate into your own blog and it includes wonderful little blurbs about the various included pieces. While a good portion of the recent music (as of this writing) is from the general electronica neighborhood, it’s by no means the only genre represented in the collection. A great place to go hunting for interesting (and imho very good) contemporary music off the beaten RIAA path.

The blog originally started as a companion to a radio program of the same name, and there are quite a number of archived episodes to give you a flavor of what some lucky listeners in the right areas of Massachusetts and Alaska got to experience on those special Saturdays.

While posting this, I’ve been listening to the program recorded on the 7th of April 2007. If more on air radio was like this, I’d still be listening all the time!