– under new management

Big news from the world of open music: is has changed hands from the Creative Commons to ArtisTech Media.

Victor Stone, ccMixter’s heart and soul is endorsing this evolution wholeheartedly.

While change is always accompanied by uncertainty, I’m personally quite pumped about this particluar one.

However, let me start out by saying that there aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I feel about the contribution of Victor Stone – one of the understated and under-famed giants of open music. As regular readers of this blog know, ccMixter has been the at the core of my musical life for a bit over 2 years now. This site continues to be one of the most amazing places for music makers to mingle and make noise together. While every member of the community deserves varying amounts of credit for that, there’s one person who deserves a very largely disproportionate share of credit: Victor Stone. He has not only diligently and innovatively continued to work on the technical infrastructure of the site, but above all, he has set and enforced a tone of mutual acceptance, respect and even caring for each other, which reverberates throughout ccMixter and is extremely hard to find in any larger community on today’s web.

So while it remains to be seen how much and which way Victor remains involved (I hope it will be a lot!), this is a good a time as any to say THANK YOU, VICTOR!

Looking forward, I’m am very excited about the new management being led by Emily Richards (at ccMixter she’s known under the handle of Snowflake). She is amongst that very rare of combinations of being a great musician and an accomplished business person. She has shown in words and in deeds her passion for developing radically different business models based less on exclusion and greed and more on openness and sharing. It’s always been really hard for artists to make a living from their art and maybe that’s even more so the case today.

So I wholeheartedly cheer Emily, Alex, Jason, Derek, Kirsten, Dale and the whole current and future team at ArtisTech Media on while they try to figure out artistic and economic models that aren’t evil or stupid. While they figure out how to evolve free and commercial side by side and mutually benefiting from each other. There will be bumps on the road. That’s ok. Good and open minds combined with good and open hearts can overcome a lot of issues and build something special.

May ccMixter’s next 5 years be even greater than the first 5!

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  1. Thank you. You saved me at least one rambling comment. I'll second (or third) you on everything about Victor and Emily.

    From what I've read it looks very promising and I for one am grateful it is not some completely outside entity that has assumed the leadership role. The fact that Emily has seen and lived what ccMixter is remains for me the root of my sense of promise for the future.

    Eloquent and thought provoking discussion as usual, Sir.

  2. Thank you very much for the kind words of encouragement.

    Unlike Emily and Jason, I'm a relative newcomer to ccMixter myself. I began using it as a sample source for my own haphazard musical experimentation a little over a year ago.

    However I am not a stranger to the benefits, ideals, and challenges of open sharing communities. My experience is more centered in the realm of Open Source Software. We see many parallels between the worlds of Open Source Software and Open Music.

    ccMixter and the Creative Commons have been sources of inspiration for ArtisTech/TuneTrack since our very beginning late last year. We want to see the site thrive in much the same way it has existed thusfar. The integrity of ccMixter as a free music site (as in speech and beer) is paramount to us. Anything relating to artists making money will happen outside of, money really has no place there.

    That said, money is necessary to keep ccMixter running and even more so to extend the reach of the Artists who wish to monetize their works.

    Joining any of the Artist Fan Clubs at helps fund ArtisTech/ccMixter and gets at least 50% into the hands of the Artists. We offer MP3, Ogg and FLAC. Emily's album "You Give" is available for free here: You can see the rest of our current releases on the homepage.

    – Alex Goodwin, ArtisTech Media Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect

  3. Thanks spin – I still feel like just a smart part of whole – I'm just grateful folks like yourself ever bothered to show up and participate.

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