DJ Rkod – “Pulse” Remix packs now available

One of the excellent remixers from over at, DJ Rkod has just made one of his original tracks available as a remix pack. Here is his announcement from

DJ Rkod – “Pulse” Multitrack Files Now Available!: “For the remixers out there (and I’m sure there are many) I’ve just released the source files for the first track off my debut album, Pulse! I’m looking for a couple of remixes to use as B-Sides to the upcoming single. Since I don’t release any of my material at any cost, I can’t offer any prize beyond my gratitude. As with all my original stuff, the source files have been released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, which means that you can remix and even sample this song with only one restriction: you must credit me as the original author.”

I hope he’ll get many takers!

p.s. If you are or know of anyone else, who is publishing remix packs, feel free to let me know, so I can post it here, too!