Free Music Software and Discounts on Commercial Software is another interesting place to look for music making software. It lists quite the collection of free music software along with regular special deals for commercial software.

I’ve also previously mentioned some other good resources for free music making software: – A blog by Crispin with the tag line: A collection of the best Free Audio and Music floating around in Cyberspace.

GERSIC.COM – the giant free audio plugin database – The premier news site for everything related to audio plugins. Fabulous search engine for plugins and host software, which makes it easy to find only free plugins or also commercial one’s.

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  1. I can’t encourage people enough to investigate what can be done and found for free or little cost in terms of software and advice on the Net. KVR audio is a fantastic site (must head over there soon, great people and great info).

    That being said there are a number of pieces of software offered on a free trial basis that then have license fees applied. For awhile I used one of these, Reaper, which I eventually purchased a license for. The licenses are pennies on the dollar for similar software were you to buy it and they come with constant updating. I encourage anyone picking up this freeware/shareware to support the developers who work on this stuff. They do amazing work.

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