Games and Music

Obviously music intersects with many things including movies and videos. And while some sort of music has been been part of games ever since the little melodies between Pacman levels, music has become an evermore important part of computer and console gaming. Guitar Hero, Rockband and such are games, which are teaching some musical skills, introducing new musical instruments (controllers) and notation methods.

And ever increasingly, original music is becoming an integral part of the sensory immersion provided by the ever more sophisticated crop of games in the market today. The computer and console games industry is becoming a place where music makers can make some money or even a career.

And in an innovative reversal, a band called Nightmares on Wax is promoting their new album with a free online game, which plays some of the songs from their upcoming album while you play the game. (Thanks to teru at ccMixterblog for the find).

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  1. A free on-line game is a great idea, and it’s something that could be created without undue expense in lots of CC contexts. I like the idea that the music becomes part of an alternative experience.

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