Jamglue – T-Pain Remix Contest

This is interesting in several ways: Jamglue is hosting a Remix Contest for “Bartender”, a track by Jive Records recording artists T-Pain. The tracks are creative commons licensed, and the winner will have their remix turned into a ringtone by Jive Records. However there is no indication, that the ringtone would be distributed commercially – so the prize may be more about fame than fortune 🙂

However, Jamglue is a “remixing for the masses” site, with a browser based mixer right on their site. It is thus a pretty neat way to try our remixing without having any of one’s own audio software.

The tracks can be downloaded as well for remixing in one’s own audio software. The link for the download is towards the lower left hand side of the page for each published track.

Related: Splice is another site where beginning remixers can remix online.