A Musical Interactive Stageshow

Regular ccMixter participant and remixing surfer from down-under Scomber has taken the idea of a playlist into new heights. He is using the ccMixter playlist feature to essentially create a musical (script). The whole thing is obviously tongue-in-cheek and from what I’ve read so far may eventually only be allowed on cable television or as an adults-only off-Broadway play, but it is a really great idea and he is inviting participation to help create a musical which he terms a Musical Interactive Stageshow. At the point of this writing, the first 5 scenes are done.

Who knows how far this will go – but that’s not even the point. It’s a great concept!

(UPDATED: new links 2009-01-26)

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  1. Thanks Spin, for your work here.
    In what started as a drunken ditty – its turning into a bit of beast so I’m tucking my ears back, paddling very hard and hoping I pop out the other end OK. Interactive stageshow musicals are a bit like waves – each section has its own character and you never know whether or not you’ll get poleaxed towards the seabed or return to the carpark a new kind of super hero.
    Thanks dude.

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