Popfolio.net – pay for play – advertising model

Here’s another interesting business model being attempted. According to the FAQ on their site, Poptopus is intended to work like this:

“Registered artists contribute their original songs to our system, which we then enable registered bloggers to play on their website.

Bloggers choose what they want to play on their blog from our selection of songs. They are then given a snippet of HTML code for the Poptopus player that they can easily copy and paste into the code for their site. From then on, everyone who reads their blog can also listen to their selection of music powered by Poptopus.

Like most other ‘free’ services, Poptopus income comes from advertising. We think it’s only fair that we split the revenue with you as artists and you as bloggers.

Of course, Poptopus isn’t limited to blogs. It will run on virtually any website. All that is required is for the browser to have the latest version of Flash player and speakers!”

So another attempt at combining music with ads. I wonder if there’s much in it for advertisers or hosting web sites. It’s still in private beta testing, so it remains to be seen, how this idea will take shape and if this business model has a chance of succeeding.