Remixing contests and licensing

Just a quick note of caution for artists submitting any work to websites for contests or even just for hosting; Always read and understand the “terms and conditions”, “rules” or whatever else it may be called. You may be agreeing to give up any rights to your work whatsoever.

Some sites essentially state that a mere submission/upload makes that site the full owner of the submitted piece. For example over at peak hour music’s rule page, there is language deeming any contest entry (not just winning one’s) as a “work made for hire”.

I’m not a lawyer, but how one legally gets to “work made for hire” without any compensation for that work is mysterious to me. Oh yes, there’s language covering for the case, that a court may throw the “work made for hire” clause out, by stipulating full and unconditional copyright assignment from the remixer to the contest site. Personally I would really hate having made a piece of music, assign all the rights to that music to someone else without any compensation and have someone else profit from it.

Note: No direct link to that site. It’s easy to find via Google, if you really don’t mind creating and submitting a remix under licensing conditions like that.