Salman Ahmad “Natchoongi” Remix Contest

This contest may be interesting for remixers, who enjoy world music – from Salman Ahmad “Natchoongi” Remix Contest: “Creative Commons and Magnatune are extremely proud to be working with international multi-platinum recording artist Salman Ahmad and are pleased to offer the audio source files from Salman’s Natchoongi online under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license, so that producers worldwide can use the sounds in remixes and new compositions. As a way to celebrate we are sponsoring a remix contest using those sources.”

I like the licensing terms much better than those at sites like, since remixers are allowed to publish their remixes non-commercially in other places than the sponsoring site.

One Reply to “Salman Ahmad “Natchoongi” Remix Contest”

  1. Thanks Spinmeister for this information! Just had a look on that and it sounds very interessting.(Music and conditions)
    This is a great opportunity incl. to have the raw studiotracks where you can choose or cut your own samples and as you have mentioned, the licence conditions are much better than most others from various remixer sites.
    This is a great research from you!

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