Calendar Girl Interview

Here’s the link and teaser to another interview I’ve conducted on behalf of ccMixter – this time with the talented, intelligent, gracious and funny Calendar Girl:

“In October 2006, singer song-writer Tamara Barnett-Herrin from London in the UK published a one sentence challenge to herself and to remixers around the World Wide Web: “I write one song a month. You remix and feedback. We make a record.” This experiment in songwriting and remix culture unlike any other yielded over 300 remixes, setting a new record at ccMixter. Twelve of them have been chosen to be published in an album titled Calendar Songs Volume I due out May 26 (check Known to the ccMixter community as Calendar Girl, she has graciously agreed to an interview with ccMixter.”

ccMixter – She’s Got the Look

Good friend of the site and remixer extraordinaire Loveshadow just posted a note at ccMixter: “This is just a little announcement that a remix i did of Calendar Girl has been used commercially for a fashion house in Vienna.

The site looks great as does their current 2008 collection. Its very cool to be selected and proves that the world is watching and listening to sites like CC Mixter and rethinking their commercial approach.

It also shows that collorabation thru CC Mixter can lead to greater things and Calendar Girl & myself would like to thank the Kalchmann group for supporting our online efforts.

Go take a look if you get a chance: Kalchmann

eMXR’s hearfelt congratulations to Loveshadow, CalendarGirl and Kalchman!

CalendarGirl does CalendarSongs

CalendarSongs is a great idea of a talented songwriter and singer from London. Appropriately calling herself CalendarGirl, she wrote and recorded 12 songs, one per month over a year and made the a capella tracks available on her CalendarSongs website as well as at The year is now up, but the remixes are still pouring in.

Her invitation is “I write one song a month. You remix and feedback. We make a record.” While I have no idea what making a record really means in this age of iPods and mp3 files, that isn’t the point. Her song writing is great, her voice is really nice to work with and in the end there are only winners: people who love music.

This is a wonderful idea, well executed and drawing remixers like moths to a flame, including this one: