Moving on

Up to the post prior to this one, this blog used to be at It was reasonably active from about 2007 to 2010, much less so after that and not at all since 2014. There are a few articles potentially of some historical interest – especially a few around, the remixing community originally formed around creative commons licensing.  So rather than just deleting that blog (since I’m considering doing something different with the domain),  I’ve moved those old blog entries over here in the spring of 2018, and hopefully search engines have kept up with that.

Also, my own remixing activity had slowed considerably over the last few years with my last remix being well over a year ago, so currently this site is  overall more of an archive than anything else.

And while I still make music, the Spinmeister persona is mostly in hiatus – maybe forever.  But I’m intending to keep the contact info page alive for the foreseeable future, just in case somebody wants to get in touch.



This is spinmeister’s blog about remixing, collaboration, independent music and a few things that I think are just plain cool.

Over the last few years the dramatic evolution in computer based music studios – often called DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and the parallel evolution of the global reach of the Internet. Music production has been shifting from expensive music studios to the homes of musicians and DJs all over the world.

This has contributed to increasingly blurring boundaries between professionals and amateurs, between musicians, DJs and producers, between remakes and remixes, between free and commercial music.

Long held business models for recorded music are crumbling not only because of unauthorized file distribution, but also because of the increasing supply of free or inexpensive music of excellent quality created in homes rather than recording studios. Long held country specific IP (intellectual property) and licensing models are made obsolete by the global reach of the Internet for music makers and consumers alike.

Independent music makers are mixing not only tracks anymore. They are mixing original and pre-made components (remixing), they are mixing amongst each other over long distances by collaborating online. They are operating in an increasingly mixed environment of free and non-free music. Writers, performers, producers and DJs are joyously intermingling, interacting and collaborating with each other and very importantly: learning from each other. Looking down on each other is so yesterday! Everything is getting mixed with everything: people, music, ideas, genres, skills, geography.

Comments, suggestions and just saying “hello” are always welcome!