Jay-Z and Alan Lomax

A great illustration of current copyright law shortcomings is explained by Ethan Hein on his excellent blog about music and related topics. It explains how someone who has absolutely zero contribution to a copyrightable work can still have their name on it, not via striking a deal, but by inheritance of copyrights. It’s a great read – including links to relevant youtube clips and a great infograph – just long enough to tell the story without becoming boring!

 Ethan has numerous other blog entires which touch on quite a few topics of interest to music makers in general, and also specifically to remixers. For example his discussion about “samples and community” is a great perspective on what makes remixing such a seductive while simultaneously controversial part of music.

This is one of the very finest music related blogs I’ve bumped into. So it’s now added to the “other blogs i like” section on the right.