ccMixter – She’s Got the Look

Good friend of the site and remixer extraordinaire Loveshadow just posted a note at ccMixter: “This is just a little announcement that a remix i did of Calendar Girl has been used commercially for a fashion house in Vienna.

The site looks great as does their current 2008 collection. Its very cool to be selected and proves that the world is watching and listening to sites like CC Mixter and rethinking their commercial approach.

It also shows that collorabation thru CC Mixter can lead to greater things and Calendar Girl & myself would like to thank the Kalchmann group for supporting our online efforts.

Go take a look if you get a chance: Kalchmann

eMXR’s hearfelt congratulations to Loveshadow, CalendarGirl and Kalchman!

Loveshadow’s blog

Multi-talented artist, remixer par excellence and very good friend of this site Loveshadow has just started Loveshadow’s blog about “Music, Video, Remixing, Art, Writing, Photography”. Having corresponded with Loveshadow privately and on public forums since a few days after posting my first remix almost exactly a year ago, I’m looking forward to his insight, experiences and opinions being available in a more public setting rather than just to us few who have interacted with him before. Welcome to the wacky world of blogs, comments and RSS, Loveshadow!

Remix Commons

Thanks to Loveshadow for the following. He writes:

“Sometime ago on the Realworld Remixed site i posted in the forum there about the site extending its borders to include visual art. For those who liked a remixers work and were moved to add artwork to support it.

Well here is a vision of the future:

It is an inspired UK based project embracing the Creative Commons ideal whole heartedly. You will find music, video, artwork, blogs, poetry, links to other sites and projects. There is also a full and simple explanation of the mechanics of the CC protocol.

I am sure there are other sites out there blossoming like it, but even if you don’t get involved it’s an entertaining way to spend a hour or two and worthy of your support.”

More from the Remix Commons home page: “Remix Commons is a network of free culture projects in the UK. Our aim is to get artists (working with music, video, images and text) to come together and share their work, be inspired by each others’ work, and ultimately to create ‘remixes’. Our volunteers run local events promoting free culture, bringing the ideas and content to people across the UK who would never find this stuff online.”

For some most amazing remixes, check out Loveshadow’s realwordremixed page.