RealWorldRemixed Servers Stolen

This is one of the stranger things I’ve seen in a while. When going to, it displays on the front page this message: “Real World, Peter Gabriel and WOMAD web services are currently off-line. Our servers were stolen from our ISP’s data centre on Sunday night – Monday morning. We are working on restoring normal service as soon as possible. …”.

This points out another flaw in their model. By not allowing remixers to publish their remixes even non-commercially anywhere else than on the site, they have just taken a couple thousand remixes off the internet. Those remixers who have published there, find at least some of their artistic catalog suddenly off the air. Websites, which point to the remixes of that site, now have broken links.

While that site has fond memories for me, because it introduced me to remixing (and several of my remixes have now – at least temporarily – become “unpublished” as well), I had moved on from there about a year ago to find a better remixing home at

Thanks to fellow remixer “Doghouse Riley” for the tip.

UPDATE 2008-05-06: Looks like the site is back now. Good to see, because it does have some stellar remixes on it. Including around 900 Shock The Monkey’s.

Remixing Peter Gabriel

Real World Remixed: “This site allows you to download our ‘sample packs’ – multitrack recordings from Real World Records and Peter Gabriel. Use the ‘sample packs’ to create remixes of the original tracks using whichever software, technology and techniques you want,”